Thermotech, Inc. provides multiple financing options to best fit your budget. These options include accepting Visa and MasterCard as well as partnering with Keystone Help for loans to make any energy-efficient upgrades to your home and GE Capital’s Retail Finance that provides you with multiple payment options and plans.


Keystone Help®

Keystone HELP®, or the Keystone Home Energy Loan Program, is Pennsylvania’s Special Financing Program for energy efficient home improvements. Keystone HELP® offers low-rate loans to help make affordable energy efficiency home improvements available to all eligible Pennsylvania homeowners.

Keystone HELP® loans are fast and simple. Most loan applications are approved within hours, with your AFC First Approved Contractor paid immediately upon satisfactory completion of the job.Keystone HELP® loans offer:

  • Special, low interest rates locked in for the life of the loan
  • Longer terms and lower rates than typically available
  • No penalty for pre-payment

For more information on this financing option, please visit or contact Thermotech, Inc. at 717.234.4500.

GE Capital

GE Capital’s Retail Finance enables consumers to make purchases through a range of flexible financial products and across a broad network of businesses and retailers. Their flexible financing solutions give consumers the affordable and convenient payment options they need.

For more information on the financing options provided through GE Capital, please visit or contact Thermotech at 717.234.4500.

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