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Refrigeration Service in Harrisburg & Camp Hill, PA

We are accustom to being cold; it’s our business! You can count on Thermotech, Inc. to provide leading service and installs for your business’s refrigeration needs. To best serve you, we carry a large variety of refrigeration and ice making equipment to assure we have the right product for your business. We can service and install ALL makes and models of refrigeration and ice making equipment, but here are the brands we have hand-selected as our top providers:



Maintenance is key. Just like regular check-ups at the doctor are important to your overall well-being, regular maintenance is necessary for your refrigeration and ice making equipment to run well for many years. Thermotech, Inc. offers seasonal maintenance plans to keep your equipment frigid year after year. Visit the Maintenance section of our website for more details or call us at 717.234.4500.

Ice Machine Cleaner Solution