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There’s nothing more frustrating than an unreliable water heater. Thermotech, Inc. services ALL makes and models of water heaters, but more importantly, we install quality water heaters that stand the test of time when routinely maintained.

Going Green? Ask us about our solar and passive solar water heating systems by calling 717.234.4500. You can also learn more by visiting the Green Solutions section of our website.

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Hybrid water heating is a type of water heating system that works on demand versus a tank type that takes time to recover once the storage is emptied. It also differs from a tankless type that can struggle to meet demands for hot water and restricts the flow of water. It’s a high efficiency system without sacrificing a building’s need for continuous hot water and adequate water pressure. Hybrid water heating systems are most popular at such places like nursing homes, hotels, etc. They are up to 98% efficient, which means your purchase of a hybrid water heating system is likely eligible for government and/or local utility rebates. It saves money and reduces a building’s carbon footprint.

Thermotech, Inc. carefully helps you select a hybrid water heating system for optimal efficiency and peace-of-mind.

Please call us with any questions about hybrid water heating and how it can work best for your application at 717.234.4500.

Water Heater Maintenance

Maintenance is key. Just like regular check-ups at the doctor are important to your overall well-being, regular maintenance is necessary for your water heater to run well for many years. Thermotech, Inc. offers seasonal maintenance plans to keep your system in good health year after year. Visit our Maintenance page by clicking the above picture for more details or call us at 717.234.4500.