Air and Water Quality Products Harrisburg & Camp Hill, PA

Air and water quality are essential to the health and well-being of your building’s patrons. Thermotech offers a large variety of commercial air and water quality products to fit the needs of your building and the people occupying it.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality products can help with things like allergies, humidity (or lack of), ventilation, general comfort for day and night, even provide energy savings. Thermotech, Inc. carries the best in indoor air quality products below.

Aprilaire and Sanuvox as well as products through our major HVAC lines.

3M Aqua-Pure

Water Quality

Ever have an odor, odd taste or sediment in your water? Thermotech, Inc. can help. The water quality products we carry address issues like hard and soft water, bacteria, chemicals and minerals for optimum drinking, bathing and cooking water. Thermotech, Inc. provides customers with many different options for improving your building’s water quality through the products we carry from 3M.

Let us serve you! Thermotech, Inc. services ALL types of water quality products and services such as air water filtrations. Call us for more information on how your building’s occupants can breath easier at (717) 234-4500

Various packages and pricing are available for these services. Please call Thermotech, Inc. today at (717) 234-4500 to learn more.